10 Famous Hotels With Balconies In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a growing town highlighted for its dynamic street scene, cultural landmarks, and delectable cuisine.

For travelers looking for a unique and immersive experience, staying at Hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand provides an unparalleled benefit.

Imagine waking up to a sunrise over the Chao Phraya River or ending the day with a view of the sparkling cityscape—balconies offer a unique vantage point to see the city’s charm and vibrancy.

Hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand, such as the famed Banyan Tree Bangkok, Lebua at State Tower, and Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, enhance your stay with stunning views and a peaceful setting for relaxing.

The Banyan Tree Bangkok has expansive balconies with breathtaking views, while Lebua at State Tower features luxurious sky bars on your balcony.

Anantara Riverfront Bangkok Resort offers a serene hideaway with private terraces that overlook lush gardens and the lively river.

Choosing hotels with balconies not only enhances your experience with breathtaking views but also provides a private outdoor spot to enjoy the city’s atmosphere.

These balconies provide a calm escape from the metropolitan chaos, making your stay in Bangkok unforgettable.

List Of Few Hotels With Balconies In Bangkok, TH Here

10. The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Hotels With Balconies In Bangkok, Thailand

The Okura Prestige Bangkok, a hidden treasure among hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand provides an unparalleled blend of elegance and comfort.

This five-star hotel in the city center offers breathtaking panoramic views from its stylishly built balconies.

Guests can enjoy stunning views of Bangkok’s skyline, making each moment on the balcony a peaceful getaway from the bustling metropolis below.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok is a great choice for tourists seeking the ideal balance of relaxation and refinement, thanks to its outstanding service, modern amenities, and beautiful suites, as well as its serene outdoor spaces.

9. Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is a magnificent retreat nestled along the gorgeous Chao Phraya River.

This outstanding hotel is a top choice for Hotels With balconies in Bangkok, Thailand, providing visitors with spacious rooms and suites with private balconies.

Each balcony offers breathtaking panoramic views of the river and city skyline, making it ideal for unwinding and soaking up Bangkok’s dynamic environment.

The hotel’s superb amenities, which include a riverside infinity pool, exquisite dining options, and easy access to key sites, make it a top choice for tourists looking for both comfort and an amazing scenic experience.

8. Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit is a magnificent hotel that seamlessly blends French elegance with Thai warmth.

Its central location in Bangkok provides convenient access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

This hotel’s distinguishing feature is the private balconies, which are provided in many of the guest rooms.

These balconies offer spectacular views of the bustling Sukhumvit Road and the city skyline. Guests can enjoy their morning coffee or evening beverages while admiring the magnificent views.

The balconies at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit provide a peaceful and intimate setting to relax, making each stay genuinely unforgettable.

7. Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel is a magnificent refuge on the Chao Phraya River that provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city and river.

Each accommodation has a private balcony where visitors may enjoy the stunning scenery from the comfort of their area.

The balconies are ideal for enjoying morning coffee while viewing the dawn or relaxing with a sunset cocktail.

The hotel combines modern elegance with Thai friendliness, offering first-rate amenities, a rooftop infinity pool, and superb dining options, making it an excellent choice for guests looking for an unforgettable stay in Bangkok.

6. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, one of the most popular hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand, provides an unsurpassed luxury experience.

Each room’s balcony offers breathtaking views of the Chao Phraya River, allowing guests to relax in the comfort of their own private space.

The beautiful design and thorough attention to detail offer a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Guests can relax on their balconies, taking in the spectacular views while enjoying world-class service and amenities.

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok exemplifies elegance and sophistication in the center of Thailand’s thriving capital.

5. The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok is a magnificent riverside hotel known for its excellent service and breathtaking views.

It is one of the best hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand, offering nicely decorated rooms with private balconies that enjoy stunning views of the Chao Phraya River and the city skyline.

These balconies are ideal for sipping a morning coffee or relaxing after a day of visiting the colorful city.

The Peninsula’s distinctive wave-shaped architecture guarantees that every visitor has a wonderful view, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for both comfort and spectacular views.

4. Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

The Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok is a magnificent refuge located on the Chao Phraya River.

This hotel, known for its beauty and exceptional service, offers rooms with private balconies that allow breathtaking views of the river and the colorful town.

Guests can spend a peaceful morning coffee or a romantic evening on their balcony, admiring the breathtaking views.

The Shangri-La, one of Bangkok’s best hotels with balconies, blends elegance with comfort, making it a great choice for guests who desire relaxation as well as a prime position to explore the city’s attractions.

3. Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort

The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is a magnificent riverside getaway situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

The resort, known for its lush tropical gardens and peaceful atmosphere, provides a one-of-a-kind retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The huge balconies are a distinctive feature, offering stunning views of the river and the bustling city skyline.

Guests can relax on their balconies, taking in the peaceful sounds of the river and the beautiful surroundings.

Each balcony is attractively decorated, making it ideal for a quiet morning coffee or an evening cocktail.

2. Lebua at State Tower

Lebua at State Tower is a premium hotel in Bangkok known for its unique rooftop bars and breathtaking city views.

Each apartment has large balconies that provide panoramic views of the bustling metropolis below, including the Chao Phraya River and Bangkok’s shimmering skyline.

From sunrise to sunset, these balconies provide a private refuge for visitors to relax and take in the scenery.

The hotel’s Sky Bar and Sirocco Restaurant, located on the 63rd floor, provide an exceptional dining experience with outdoor seating on the balcony, making Lebua at State Tower a popular choice for guests wanting both luxury and stunning views of Bangkok.

1. Banyan Tree Bangkok

The Banyan Tree Bangkok is a luxury hotel known for its superb hospitality and breathtaking city views.

Each room has a private balcony that offers a panoramic view of Bangkok’s skyline. These balconies are ideal for sipping a morning coffee or evening cocktail while taking in the colorful bustle of the city below.

The hotel’s iconic rooftop restaurant, Vertigo, offers an exceptional dining experience with stunning views.

Banyan Tree Bangkok blends opulent comfort with one-of-a-kind balcony experiences, making it an excellent choice for guests looking for both leisure and a visual feast of Bangkok’s vibrant landscape.


Finally, staying at well-known hotels with balconies in Bangkok, Thailand elevates a routine visit into an unforgettable experience.

These hotels, including Banyan Tree Bangkok and Lebua at State Tower, provide breathtaking vistas, exquisite services, and a private outdoor hideaway amidst the city’s bustle.

Balconies offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Bangkok’s lively ambiance, from the peaceful riverfront landscapes to the sparkling skyline.

Choosing a hotel with a balcony enriches your stay by providing the ideal balance of leisure and stunning views, assuring a wonderful vacation to Thailand’s heart.

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